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                      GOOD LUCK ALL OF YOU !  Smile




1. All " Bridge Base Online " rules apply in our club. Playing on this site should be seen as a privilege, not as a right.

2. It is prohibited to discriminate based on race, sex, ethnic origin, religion, political or philosophical criteria, principles derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

3.  By fairplay we mean: friendship, respect for opponents and fairness during any competition, eliminating any psychological pressure and verbal violence.

4.  Swiss tournament is held in 7 rounds of 2 boards each. Game time is alloted 7min/board. Friday and saturday 21 boards (7x3).  Tournament director is the one hwo oversees the smooth running of the competition.

5. Players that addresses abusive partner, opponent or tournament director will be sanctioned and can be reached even to the exclusion of the club. 

6.  At the beginning of each round it is advisable to greet your opponents, but it is mandatory to announce system, leads and carding. Please stop biding and call the TD to the table when the announcement is not made.

7.  Please alert all conventional bids. Failure to do so might eventually result in adjusted boards. Explanation regarding the auction please feel free to provide only in " alert box " if it is required.

8.  All systems are allowed as long as they are alerted and explained correctly. Psyche bids are not accepted in first and second place.

9.  If the TDs finds a mismatch between the cards you are holding and the explanation given during the biding  and this influences the result, they will take appropriate measures.

10.  Treat your partner, opponents and TDs with respect. Do not make rude comments about the bidding or playing of your partners / opponents.

11.  If you call the  TD at the table, please explain why you have done so. Calls that due not contain an explanation will be ignored. Also answer  the questions asked  by the TD  so he can take an informed decision.

12.  We will always give disconnected players the opportunity to reconnect. The waiting period is at least 1 min.

13.  Disconnected players who missed a long period of time can return to their place only with the consent of the substitute. If the player agrees to be replaced, call the TD and he will perform the replacement.

14.  It is not recommended to leave the tournament as a result of mistake or a desagreement with your partner. repeating this behaviour result in punishment that player and can even go up to exclusion from the club.

15. If possible try not to carry a conversation during bidding and play. If it still occurs, it should not include comments about the board you are playing at the time. 

16.  Unfinished boards in the allotted time will be adjusted by the TD.

17.  The tournament take place without the " UNDO ". 

18.  Your registration as members of the club means that you acknowledge the existence of the terms of agreament listed above therefore you have read and accepted them.

19.  For biding and achievement for 7 NT contract, respective pair receive 5p bonus.

20. A ranking will be created based on the points obtained by each players throughout the tournaments. Only members will receive points according to the table below. The first ten positions will be given points as follows:

 Place 1 Place 2 Place 3 Place 4 Place 5 Place 6 Place 7 Place 8 Place 9 Place 10
12 pts. 10  pts. 8  pts. 7  pts. 6  pts. 5  pts. 4  pts. 3  pts. 2  pts. 1  pts.
 Fair Play Prize (monthley) - 6 points. It is awarded following the recommendation made by the tournament directors and players .

Thank you, and we hope that the time spent with us will be pleasant.

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